Sharing knowledge about Type-C with everyone

Type-C is a hardware interface specification for Universal Serial Bus (USB), which has the following characteristics:
1. Thinner design and faster transmission speed: The Type-C interface is smaller, lighter, and more portable than the previous USB interface. Meanwhile, its transmission speed is also faster, reaching up to 10Gbps, which is faster than traditional USB
2. Support for forward and reverse insertion: The biggest feature of the Type-C interface is that it supports insertion in both directions, officially solving the problem of “USB never inserting properly” and making it more convenient to
3. Stronger power transmission capability: The Type-C interface has a stronger power transmission capability, up to 100W, which can meet the power needs of more
4. Integrated design: The Type-C interface integrates functions such as charging, display, and data transmission, making it an integrated
In summary, Type-C is a new type of USB interface specification that has higher transmission speed, stronger power transmission capability, and more convenient user experience. It is one of the commonly used interfaces in modern electronic devices.

Post time: Feb-21-2024