What is M12 wire harness?

What is M12 wire harness?
M12 connectors can be divided into on-site wiring and prefabricated wire harnesses.
Kaweei provides customized connector services for our customers; M12, M8, etc. can all be customized with prefabricated production.
1. Select the required connector appearance: jack, pin; straight, 90° elbow.
2. Select the wire harness material required on site: PVC material, PUR material, robot super-flexible material, high temperature resistant anti-spatter material.
3. Select the appropriate length based on the on-site wiring distance.
4. It can be selected whether to have LED display.
The M12 wire harness is a connecting wire harness designed specifically for industrial automation applications. It features compactness, portability, durability, and high reliability. This article will provide a detailed analysis from the perspectives of product structure, how to choose products, product advantages, and usage scenarios.
I. Product Structure
The M12 wire harness mainly consists of cables, plugs, and sockets. The plugs and sockets use M12 standard interfaces, and the plugs are connected to the cables by crimping, ensuring good contact resistance and reliability. In addition, the M12 wire harness comes in a variety of different configurations, such as sheathed, high temperature resistant, oil resistant, etc., to meet the requirements of different environments.
II. How to choose products
When selecting M12 wire harness, the following aspects should be considered:
1. Cable type: Depending on the application environment, different types of cables can be selected, such as ordinary cables, shielded cables, and armored cables.
2. Plug type: The type of plug is also a factor to consider, including straight-in plugs, curved plugs, 90-degree plugs, etc. It should be selected according to actual needs.
3. Interface type: M12 wire harness has a variety of interface types to choose from, such as USB, RS485, CAN, etc., which need to be selected based on the specific communication protocol.
4. Length: Depending on the actual needs, different lengths of wire harness can be selected.
III. Product Advantages
The M12 wire harness has the following advantages:
High reliability: Using M12 standard interface, the connection is stable and reliable, ensuring long service life.
2. Wide range of applications: applicable to a variety of industrial automation equipment, such as sensors, actuators, PLCs, etc.
3. Flexibility: There are a variety of different configurations available, which can be customized according to actual needs.
High economy: Compared to other types of connecting wire harnesses, the price of M12 wire harnesses is more competitive and can reduce the cost of use.
IV. Usage Scenarios
The M12 wire harness is suitable for the following scenarios:
1. Industrial automation equipment: such as the connection and data transmission of sensors, actuators, PLCs, and other equipment.
2. Robot application: the connection between the robot body and the controller, as well as the communication between the robot and peripheral devices.
3. Mechanical equipment: Signal transmission and data communication between various components in mechanical equipment.
M12 connectors are mainly used in outdoor light boxes, construction machinery, steel production equipment, power equipment, mining machinery, ship machinery, automotive equipment, production automation equipment, temperature transmitters, hydraulic machine tools, sensors, solenoid valves, instrumentation, pressure transmitters, and so on.
The design environment requirements for M12 connector products are very demanding, and product performance and testing standards are certified by international quality testing standards.
Meanwhile, M12 connectors are used for connecting field sensors and actuators.

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