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  • ODM M12 4PIN Male IP67 IP68 Waterproof cable assembly

    China Factory ODM M12 4PIN Male connector IP67 IP68 Waterproof cable

    Spec : Customized

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    Application: Smart farm, Aviation, High-Speed Rail , New Energy, Outdoor LED, Medical, Health care, Widely used in telecommunication equipment, Printer, CNC, Controllers, Alarm security fields, Mechanical device, Industrial area, Agricultural and animal husbandry management equipment, and etc…

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    Product Name M12 4Pin IP68 Waterproof Cable Assembly
    Conductor AWG 24AWG&22AWG
    Material Tinned Copper
    Standard UL2464
    Material FEP/SR-PVC
    OD Standard
    Cable Code Choosen(Picture use:Red/Yellow/Blck)
    Number of Positions 4M
    Connector - Cable M12 Waterproof

    M12 M

    Cable Length 20mm-100000mm(According to customer's request)
    Service ODM/OEM
    Certification ISO9001,UL certification,ROHS and the latest REACH


    Quality Control: 100% Open & Short Test
    Contact Resistance: 3 ohm max Quality Control
    Insulator Resistance: 10MΩ min
    Withstanding Voltage: 300V DC
    Working Temperature: -10°C to +80°C (According to the cable spec)
    Test Time: 3S

    What Can We Do


    We provide various prototyping and manufacturing services to support our customers’ individual needs. Fully-automated production equipment has largely shortened production time.

    You can customize wiring harnesses and connectors for automobiles, aviation, industrial, household appliances, etc. According to various needs.


    The custom wire harness is built according to the customer detailed specification and our professional standard. Each step is monitored and goods will be strictly tested before each shipment.

    Standard for Reliability Testing

    Number inspection item

    Test Condition

    Test equipment Test frequency


    Plug and pull force test The insertion force was 8N/MAX, and the extraction force was 2.4N/Min Plug and pull force testing machine 1 times/batch


    Terminal pulling test Terminal tension: ≥6.43 KGF Terminal tension tester 1 times/batch


    Swing test  Product load ≥300g, test frequency 20 times/min, swing test angle ± 60 degrees, test product lifting distance 300mm, test times 1500 Swing testing machine 2 times/batch


    ROHS test Work according to SOP-PB-018 ROHS tester operation instruction EDX1800E 3 times/batch


    Salt spray test 5% salt solution, PH 6.5-7.2, testing time: 12 hours Salt spray tester 4 times/batch


    Temperature resistance experiment The contact impedance was measured at 80 ° C ± 3 ° C for 96 hours. The product was taken out and placed at normal temperature for 1-2 hours Constant temperature and humidity machine 5 times/batch


    Cold resistance test The contact impedance was measured at -20 ° C ± 3 ° C for 96 hours. The product was taken out and placed at normal temperature for 1-2 hours Constant temperature and humidity machine 6 times/batch


    Temperature cycling test Set high temperature 80°C and low temperature -20°C, high temperature and low temperature residence time 30min, temperature shear time < 30S, the number of cycles is 5. Constant temperature and humidity machine 7 times/batch


    Life Test The insertion force is 8n/MAX, the extraction force is 2.4 N/Min, the insertion speed is 20-30 times/Min, the test times are 30 times Plug and pull force testing machine 8 times/batch


    Waterproof test Waterproof grade: IP67, water depth 1m, duration: 30min (with guest cooperation) Water proof test barrel 9 times/batch

    Note: The above items are judged by the method of c = 0

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  • 1.Verification reliability of raw materials

    There is its own special laboratory for the selected raw materials for performance verification and quality monitoring, to ensure that each material on the line is qualified;

    2. Reliability of the terminal / connector selection

    After analyzing the main failure mode and failure form of terminals and connector, different devices with different use environments choose different types of connectors to adapt;

    3. Design reliability of the electrical system.

    According to the product use scenario through reasonable improvement, merge lines and components, differentiated to modular processing, to reduce the circuit, improve the reliability of the electrical system;

    4. Design reliability of the processing process.

    According to the product structure, use scenarios, characteristics requirements to design the best processing process, through the mold and tooling to ensure the product key dimensions and related requirements.

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